Most cost and time effective planning design for envirnmental impact. The information is useful to find the areas that are effected by human activities as well as nature hazards such as potential landslide area.

  • Maximizes accuracy and density of topographical and digital imagery data.
  • Minimizes survey time and costs. Efficient planning for any environmental impacts.
  • Provides accurate information for slope stability analysis.Avoids landslide areas, crossing watercourses and congested areas.
  • Ensuring access at all route points
  • Fly-through simulations of DTM’s provide a visualization of ground conditions and hazards that occur on travel route.
  • Can survey “non-accessible” sites such as slopes next to high traffic roads.Slope stability classifications.
slope 1 crop
Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Derived From LiDAR Data


  • Slope Stability Study and GIS Data Integration for Jalan Simpang Pulai to Kg Kuala Betis
  • Spatial Data Acquisition by Airborne Laser Scanning and GIS Data Integration in producing Digital Terrain Models and Slope Maps for Ikram Research Centre.
  • East West Highway Project in Slope Stability Study for Jurutera Perunding Zaaba Consulting Engineers.
  • Airborne Survey and Mapping for Stability Assessment of Rock Slope Along Jalan Duta Expressway for Plus Expressway Berhad by Minconsult Sdn. Bhd.
  • Rawang landfil project


Slope Stability and GIS Data Integration study for Jalan Simpang Pulai to Kg Kuala Betis

  • Area/Coverage: 185.93 km2.. Three (3) weeks of LiDAR data acquisition & 5 days of GPS static survey
  • DTM/DEM & Contour delivered: 2 weeks after data acquisition completed
  • Final mapping, orthophoto Mosaic & GIS deliverd; 5 weeks airborne data acqusition
  • LiDAR Density : more than 2,000,000 points in 1km x 1km (2.0 points/m2)
  • LiDAR Points hitting the Ground : More than 200,000 points in 1 km x 1 km( 0.2 points/m2)
  • Average Point Spacing : 2.2 m
LiDAR Point Cloud of Project Site
LiDAR Point Cloud


  • Raw Wave Form Data
  • Earth Surface Elevation Data; X,Y,Z ASCII File
  • Trajectory
  • Raw Imagery
  • Ortho photo
  • DTM & DEM
  • Contours
  • TIN Digital Model
  • Digitized Model
  • Final Slope Map Products In GIS Format
  • Drainage Pattern And Catchment Pattern
  • Flood Simulation
  • Final Deliverables In Any Coordinates
  • Paper Plot
  • 3D Fly-trough