GDS provides highly accurate dense topographic & imagery survey data for pipeline feasibility studies, design, operation and maintenance to optimize cost and time.


Most cost effective technique and accurate geographic information for identifying and planning pipeline corridors of any length to enhance operation and maintenance.

  • Maximizes accuracy and density of topographical & digital imagery data
  • Minimizes survey time & cost
  • Most cost effective design of new pipeline, minimizing earthwork and quantities while maximizing quality by analyzing several alignments
  • Optimizes operation and maintenance of pipeline and infrastructure
    Efficient planning for any environmental impacts
  • Provides accurate information for slope stability analysis
    Accurate topographic and feature mapping, tree counting, land acquisition and compensation calculation
  • Ensuring access at all points of the route
    Assist pipeline risk management in assuring safety in design, construction, operation, maintenance, and emergency response of facilities


Myanmar Pipeline Project

  • The Survey Area covered over 100 km of pipeline corridor from 200m to 5000m
  •  LiDAR data acqusition was carried out using DVG system.
  • The capabilities of DVG system proved invaluable as the orginal route encountered a 30 m sheer cliff that was not apparent on exsiting mapping
  •  Project was succesfully completed in 1994