GDS offers cutting-edge Data Management System where it able to host and manage unlimited LiDAR data and GIS layers on the cloud.  The system is based on DiELMO Geo-Server architecture with main focus is to enable LiDAR data sharing  through web-based applications


Web Application Developed Based on DiELMO Geo-Server Architecture

DiELMO Geo-Server Technology is an Advanced Geo-Server Technology that supports:

  • Hosting Unlimited Data – LiDAR Point CLoud, GIS Layers, Raster Data, Vector Data and Files Information (documents, pdf, txt, etc)
  • Online LiDAR Point CLoud Visualization
  • Host and Serve Geolocated Files (2D Map)
  • Remote Access From any Web browser, map viwer, GIS Client or Mobile Devices (optional) at an incredible performance
  • Secured adat sharing for your comoany, your client or projects
    Technical Support & Online Assistance
    Yearly assistance to update the web portal


Sample Web Application using DiELMO Geoserver (Please click the following link):