Ground Data Solutions R&D

The Best

Service Provider

Ground Data Solutions R&D Sdn Bhd (GDS)  is a Malaysian airborne LiDAR service provider with over twenty five years experience, with over a hundred and twenty five successfully completed projects worldwide which makes GDS the uttermost experienced service provider in the region.  The company is the premier pioneer in the airborne LiDAR survey industry conducting research and development for both building MATIRX LiDAR system hardware and advancing data applications.

Currently, GDS operates four LiDAR systems to meet specific client requirements for agriculture, forestry, pipelines, roads, mining, and water catchment as well as transmission line applications. The systems include waveform LiDAR and integration of a new 80MP camera for higher resolution imagery.

All LiDAR system operations and processing are carried out by GDS local experts, thus ensuring data security and fast delivery of products. GDS assures full compliance with client needs such as conversion to different coordinate systems, as well as compatibility with many different engineering, survey, remote sensing, and GIS software.